National Institute of Plant Genome Research
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Sl No. e-ISBN Title Sub-Title Author / Editor
1. 9780191714979 Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction   D. Liberles
2. 9780191810114 Codon Evolution Mechanisms and Models G. Cannarozzi et al
3. 9780191728280 Computational Molecular Evolution   Z. Yang
4. 9780199894000 Creationism's Trojan Horse The Wedge of Intelligent Design B. Forrest et al
5. 9780191713576 Evolutionary Ecology The Trinidadian Guppy A. E. Magurran
6. 9780191796975 Floral Mimicry   S. Johnson et al
7. 9780191810084 Multiple Stable States in Natural Ecosystems   P. Petraitis
8. 9780191721700 Nature's Chemicals The Natural Products that shaped our world R. Firn
9. 9780191713729 Parsimony, Phylogeny, and Genomics   V. A. Albert
10. 9780191779473 Understanding Flowers and Flowering Second Edition   B. Glover