Guidelines for Abstract Submission
1. Select number of authors from the dropdown list.
2. Enter presenting author and other authors' names in full as "Family-name Given-name" or "Kumar Karan" or "Smith Klein" in the space provided.
3. In case of more than one affiliations, use the optional space provided for Institutional Affiliations.
4. In the abstract section, please paste the entire document (including full author names and affiliations).
5. The abstract should be 300 words or less (400 words including Title, author names and affiliations).
6. Also please specify your preference for Oral or Poster presentation
Guidelines for Poster Presentation
1. The poster dimensions should not exceed 100 cm (W) X 120 cm (H).
2. Title
3. Names of Authors; name of the presenting author underlined.
4. Institutional Affiliation
5. The main text