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Current Faculty Publications

  1. Chaliha C, Nath BK, Verma PK and Kalita E (2018) Synthesis of functionalized Cu:ZnS nanosystems and its antibacterial potential. Arab. J. Chem. (In Press).

  2. Ghosh S, Kanwar P and Jha G (2018) Identification of candidate pathogenicity determinants of Rhizoctonia solani AG1-IA, which causes sheath blight disease in rice. Current Genetics (In Press).

  3. Mandal A, Mishra AK, Dulani P, Muthamilarasan M, Shweta S and Prasad M (2018) Identification, characterization, expression profiling, and virus-induced gene silencing of armadillo repeat-containing proteins in tomato suggest their involvement in tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus resistance. Functional & Integrative Genomics (In Press).

  4. Pandey A, Chakraborty S and Chakraborty N (2018) Nuclear proteome: Isolation of intact nuclei, extraction of nuclear proteins, and 2-DE analysis.Methods in Molecular Biology 1696: 41-55.

  5. Parveen S, Pandey A, Jameel N, Chakraborty S and Chakraborty N (2018) Transcriptional regulation of chickpea ferritin CaFer1 influences its role in iron homeostasis and stress response. Journal of Plant Physiology 222: 9-16.

  6. Salvi P, Kamble NU and Majee M (2018) Stress inducible galactinol synthase of chickpea (CaGolS) implicates in heat and oxidative stress tolerance through reducing stress induced excessive reactive oxygen species accumulation. Plant and Cell Physiology (In Press).

  7. Soda N, Verma L and Giri J (2018) CRISPR-Cas9 based plant genome editing: Significance, opportunities and recent advances. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (In Press).

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