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Information pertaining to Ph.D. students of the Institute with Viva-Voce details
No. Name of the Student Supervisor Thesis Title Date of Viva-Voce
1. Dr. Vandana Yadav Dr. Sudip Chattopadhyay Light regulated modulation of Z-box containing promoters during early seedling development in Arabidopsis thaliana 12/04/2005
2. Dr. Chandrasekara M Dr. Sudip Chattopadhyay Identification and molecular analysis of a transacting factor that interacts with the Z-box in Arabidopsis thaliana 25/08/2007
3. Dr. Deepti Bhushan Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Molecular characterization of genes involved in drought-responsive proteome of legumes 31/08/2007
4. Dr. Ritu Kushwaha Dr. Sudip Chattopadhyay Molecular cloning and characterization of a Z-box binding factor (ZBF3) in Arabidopsis thaliana 03/09/2007
5. Dr. Rakesh K. Shukla Dr. Debasis Chattopadhyay Cloning and Characterization of Dehydration Responsive Element Binding Proteins of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) 28/09/2007
6. Dr. Vijaykumar S. Meli Prof. Asis Datta Cloning and expression of alpha-D-mannosidase for increased shelf-life in fruits and vegetable crops 24/01/2008
7. Dr. Jyoti Batra Late Dr. Jayanti Sen , Dr. Alok K. Sinha Molecular and phytochemical studies of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don hairy root cultures for production of terpenoid indole alkaloids 26/02/2008
8. Dr. Bhumika Shokeen Dr. Sabhyata Bhatia Genome Analysis using DNA based molecular markers in Catharanthus roseus 02/05/2008
9. Dr. Niroj Kumar Sethy Dr. Sabhyata Bhatia DNA based molecular markers for mapping and tagging genes of agronomic importance in chickpea 10/07/2008
10. Dr. Kishwer Jahan Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Molecular cloning and characterization of a dehydration responsive Tubby-like protein gene from chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) 27/08/2008
11. Dr. Lalit Agrawal Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Molecular mechanism of AmA1 in potato and its overexpression in sweet potato 07/10/2008
12. Dr. Vineeta Tripathi Dr. Debasis Chattopadhyay Cloning and characterization of a drought inducible protein kinase 28/01/2009
13. Dr. Sreeramaiah NG Dr. Sudip Chattopadhyay Functional analysis of ZBF1, a Z-box interacting bHLH protein, in Arabidopsis thaliana 28/02/2009
14. Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma Prof. Asis Datta, Dr. Subhra Chakraborty (Joint Supervisor) Over expression of AmA1, a seed albumin from Amaranthus hypochondriacus in rice to improve nutritional quality 01/06/2009
15. Dr. Sumit Ghosh Prof. Asis Datta Purification, cloning and expression of β-D-N-acetylhexosaminidase for increased shelf life in fruits and vegetables 02/06/2009
16. Dr. Rajgourab Ghosh Dr. Subhra Chakraborty Role of OXDC in fungal tolerance and its overexpression in oxalate-rich vegetables 25/06/2009
17. Dr. Shalu Choudhary Dr. Sabhyata Bhatia Marker Development and molecular mapping in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L) 22/07/2009
18. Dr. Santosh Kumar Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Cloning and characterization of gene encoding peroxidase from Catharanthus roseus 27/07/2009
19. Dr. Deepti Jain Dr. Debasis Chattopadhyay Transcripts profiling of a drought-tolerant chickpea (C. arientinum) cultivar under drought 04/08/2009
20. Dr. Archana Singh Dr. Praveen Verma Molecular analysis of early-responsive genes of chickpea involved in biotic stress 12/08/2009
21. Dr. Kundan Kumar Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Investigation of the role of Mitogen activated protein kinase in Oryza sativa under abiotic stress conditions 21/11/2009
22. Dr. Monika Jaggi Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Investigations on Catharanthus roseus and Agrobacterium rhizogenes interactions for the production of terpenoid indole alkaloids 29/12/2009
23. Dr. K. Prabhakara Rao Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Characterization of Mitogen activated protein kinase gene family in Oryza sativa 11/02/2010
24. Dr. Nasheeman Ashraf Dr. Subhra Chakraborty Differential transcript profiling and cloning of candidate genes in Fusarium wilt 02/03/2010
25. Dr. Susheel Kumar Raina Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Study of effects of abiotic stress on terpenoid indole alkaloid production in Catharanthus roseus 01/04/2010
26. Dr. Mani Kant Choudhary Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Proteome analysis of rice (Oryza sativa L.)nucleus under dehydration and molecular cloning of candidate genes 28/05/2010
27. Dr. Aarti Pandey Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Nuclear protein profiling and identification of differentially expressed dehydration responsive proteins (DRPs) in legume 31/05/2010
28. Dr. V. Babu Rajendra Prasad Dr. Sudip Chattopadhyay Molecular cloning and functional characterization of enhancer of hy5 in Arabidopsis thaliana 02/06/2010
29. Dr. Kamal Kumar Dr. Praveen Verma Molecular and functional characterization of a WRKY transcription factor from chickpea 23/06/2010
30. Dr. Aparna Singh Dr. Sudip Chattopadhyay Interplay of ZBF1 and ZBF2 in Light Signaling to Control Light-mediated Seedling Development in "Arabidopsis thaliana" 12/02/2011
31. Dr. Neeraj Kumar Rai Dr. Manoj Prasad Molecular mapping and characterization of Tomato Leaf Curl Virus (ToLCV) resistance gene(s) in tomato 21/03/2011
32. Dr. Saurabh Yadav Dr. Praveen Verma Molecular studies on signaling during Cicer/ Ascochyta Interactions: Characterization of some of the genes involved in early events 01/07/2011
33. Dr. Vinay Kumar Prof. Asis Datta (Prof. of Eminence) and Dr. Subhra Chakraborty Development of oxalate free soybean using OXDC gene from F. velutipes 01/07/2011
34. Dr. Charu Lata Dr. Manoj Prasad Transcript profiling of dehydration stress in foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.) and cloning characterization of a stress related gene 13/09/2011
35. Dr. Ayushi Jha Prof. Asis Datta, PEO Studies on Δ7-sterol-C-5-desaturase from Flammulina velutipes 22/09/2011
36. Dr. Dhammaprakash Wankhede Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Study of the interactome map among the members of Mitogen activated Protien Kinase (MAPK) cascade in Oryza sativa 30/09/2011
37. Dr. Rajiv Kumar Yadav Dr. Debasis Chattopadhyay Characterization of Yellow Mosaic Virus Infection in Soybean 12/01/2012
38. Dr. Nazia Abbas Dr. Sudip Chattopadhyay Molecular and functional analyses of ZBF3/CAM7 in Arabidopsis seedling development 10/02/2012
39. Dr. Hati Ram Dr. Sudip Chattopadhyay Molecular and genetic interactions of ZBF2/GBF1 with regulatory components of light signaling in Arabidopsis Thaliana 10/02/2012
40. Dr. Kunal Singh Dr. Praveen Verma Functional genomics studies on pathogenesis of chickpea blight fungus Ascochyta rabiei 06/03/2012
41. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Jaiswal Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Study of differential proteomes of microsomal fraction in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) under dehydration stress 13/07/2012
42. Dr. G. Nagaraju Dr. Subhra Chakraborty Gene expression profiles during Fusarium wilt in chickpea (Cicer arietinumn) 16/11/2012
43. Dr. Rehna Augustine Dr. Naveen Ch. Bisht Isolation and Characterization of Myb28 gene homologs, a class of transcription factor, from Brassica juncea and its role in the development of low glucosinolate B. juncea lines 14/03/2013
44. Dr. Harmeet Kaur Dr. Manoj Majee Molecular analysis, biochemical study and physiological significance of L-myo-inositol 1-phosphate synthase from drought tolerant leguminous plant 13/05/2013
45. Dr. Pratigya Subba Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Identification of dehydration-responsive phosphoproteins in chickpea (Cicer arietinum )L. 27/05/2013
46. Dr. Santosh Kumar Dr. Sabhyata Bhatia Role of microsatellites in plant gene regulation 28/05/2013
47. Dr. Sonika Gupta Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Study on water-deficit stress responsive secretome of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). 04/07/2013
48. Dr. Eman Abd El-Rashed Abd El-Kader Mhammed Elagamey Dr. Subhra Chakraborty Study of disease responsive extra-cellular matrix proteome/ phosphoproteome during vascular wilt and development of wilt resistant crop 18/09/2013
49. Dr. Vishmita Sethi Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Investigation of overlapping functions of ZBF1/ MYC2 in MAPK and light signaling pathways in Arabidopsis seedling development 26/09/2013
50. Dr. Mohammad Irfan Prof. Asis Datta (Distinguished Emeritus Scientist) Molecular and regulatory mechanism of N-glycan processing enzymes e.g. α-D-mannosidase and β-D-n-acetylhexosaminidase during fruit ripening 23/12/2013
51. Dr. Upendra Kumar Singh Prof. Asis Datta (Distinguished Emeritus Scientist) Cloning and functional characterization of ripening specific geraniol inducible genes 22/01/2014
52. Dr. Shadab Nizam Dr. Praveen Verma Functional analysis of genes involved in pathogenesis and virulence of the chickpea blight fungus Ascochyta rabiei 25/04/2014
53. Dr. Bhuwaneshwar S. Mishra Dr. Ashverya Laxmi To study the interaction between auxin and sugar signal transduction pathway in model plant system Arabidopsis thaliana 05/05/2014
54 Dr. Rajiv Kumar Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Study of dehydration-responsive phosphoproteome of nuclear fraction in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L) 20/05/2014
55. Dr. Shefali Gupta Dr. Sabhyata Bhatia Transcriptome analysis of developing chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) seed for marker development and gene identification 20/05/2014
56. Dr. Sunita Kushwah Dr. Ashverya Laxmi To study the interaction between cytokinin and sugar signal transduction pathway in model plant system Arabidopsis thaliana 28/05/2014
57. Dr. Pooja Verma Dr. Manoj Majee Molecular Analysis and Functional Characterization of Protein L-Isoasparty1 Methyl transferase (PIMT) from Chickpea 14/07/2014
58. Dr. Aditi Gupta Dr. Ashverya Laxmi To study the interaction between glucose and brassinosteroid signal transduction pathway in a model plant system Arabidopsis thaliana 25/07/2014
59. Dr. Raghu Ram B. Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Regulation of MAP Kinase signaling cascade by microRNAs in Oryza sativa 25/07/2014
60. Dr. Vijay Wardhan Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Role of chickpea Tubby-like protein (CaTLP1) in dehydration tolerance 29/08/2014
61. Dr. Arsheed Hussain Sheikh Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Identification and Characterisation of Novel Interacting Partners of Mitogen Activated Protein Kinases in Oryza sativa 18/10/2014
62. Dr. Awdhesh Kumar Mishra Dr. Manoj Prasad Cloning and characterization of gene(s) encoding putative WD-repeat protein in foxtail millet [Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv.] 26/11/2014
63. Dr. Kamakshi S. Kothari Prof. Akhilesh K. Tyagi Functional characterization of stress responsive genes in rice 26/12/2014
64. Dr. Mukesh Kumar Meena Dr. Debasis Chattopadhyay Role of serine-threonine protein kinase from chickpea and its homologue in Arabidopsis in root development 30/01/2015
65. Dr. Karunesh Kumar Dr. Manoj Prasad Cloning and characterization of 14-3-3 like gene(s) in foxtail millet [Sataria italica (L.) P. Beauv.] 15/06/2015
66. Dr. Sandhya Verma Dr. Praveen Verma Molecular analysis of effector gene(s) of Ascochyta rabiei suppressing defense responses in Cicer arietinum 21/07/2015
67. Dr. Kanika Narula Dr. Subhra Chakraborty Proteomic characterization ofMagnaporthe-rice interaction and AmA1 function 14/09/2015
68. Dr. Jalmi Siddhi Kashinath Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Functional Characterization of a Group-C Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase, OsMPK7 in Rice 04/12/2015
69. Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Sahu Dr. Debasis Chattopadhyay Mechanisms of introgressive breeding in Tomato 09/12/2015
70. Dr. Pallavi Singh Dr. Alok Krishna Sinha Investigation of mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling components involved during rice root development 22/01/2016
71. Dr. Annapurna Bhattacharjee Dr. Mukesh Jain Functional characterization and regulatory network of homeobox transcription factors in abiotic stress responses in rice 12/02/2016
72. Dr. Gunjan Sharma Prof. Akhilesh K. Tyagi Functional characterization of Stress Associated Protein (SAP) gene family in rice 05/05/2016
73. Dr. Manjul Singh Dr. Ashverya Laxmi Interaction and intersection of sugar and phytohormone signaling in controlling graviresponses in a model plant system Arabidopsis thaliana 19/05/2016
74. Dr. Piyush Priya Dr. Gitanjali Yadav Computational Analysis of Structural and Functional Diversity of Volatile Terpenes in Plants 24/05/2016
75. Dr. Bhanu Prakash Petla Dr. Manoj Majee Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of Protein L-isoasparty1 methyltransferase (PIMT) from Oryza sativa 25/05/2016
76. Dr. Shaista Parveen Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty Molecular characterization of iron-responsive ferritin, CaFer1 25/05/2016
77. Dr. Seema Pradhan  Dr. Sabhyata Bhatia The Genomics of Seed Development in Chickpea 10/06/2016
78. Dr. Amita Yadav Dr. Manoj Prasad Identification and Characterization of Stress Responsive miRNA(s) from Foxtail Millet [Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv.] 01/07/2016
79. Dr. Sangita Kumari Dr. Gitanjali Yadav Computational Approach for Understanding the Role of Isoprenoid Biosynthesis in Plant Stress Response 18/07/2016
80. Dr. Atish Sardar Dr. Debasis Chattopadhyay Role of CIPK6 in plant defence response 09/09/2016
81. Dr. Muthamilarasan M. Dr. Manoj Prasad Development of genomic resources in the model plant foxtail millet and demonstration of their utility in crop improvement 04/11/2016
82. Dr. Vibhav Gautam Dr. Ananda K. Sarkar Small RNA Mediated Regulation of Root Architecture in Zea mays (maize) 09/12/2016
83. Dr. Prafull Salvi Dr. Manoj Majee Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of Galactinol Synthase (GolS) from Cicer arietinum 24/01/2017
84. Dr. Muhammed Jamsheer K Dr. Ashverya Laxmi Functional characterization and phylogenetic analysis of DUF581 protein family using model plant system Arabidopsis thaliana 27/03/2017
85. Dr. Venkateswara Rao Dr. Manoj Majee Molecular and Functional Characterization of SKP1 like proteins from plants. 07/04/2017
86. Dr. Archita Singh Dr. Ananda K. Sarkar Small RNA mediated regulation of Root Branching and Root Architecture in Arabidopsis thaliana 02/05/2017
87. Dr. Naveen Malik Dr. Pinky Agarwal, Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Tyagi (Joint Supervisor) Investigations on the role of rice seed preferential Mediator subunit genes during development 08/06/2017
88. Dr. Namisha Sharma Dr. Manoj Prasad Role of small interfering RNAs for Tomato Leaf Curl New Delhi Virus tolerance in Tomato 14/06/2017
89. Dr. Vikash Kumar Singh Dr. Mukesh Jain Exploring Transcriptional Complexity of Chickpea Development and Genome-wide Analysis of Selected Gene Families 25/07/2017
90. Dr. Poonam Mehra Dr. Jitender Giri Identification and functional characterization of genes involved in Phosphorus Deficiency Response in Rice Root 08/08/2017
91. Dr. Manisha Dr. Praveen Verma Molecular and functional characterization of Ascochyta rabiei gene(s) involved in early stages of pathogenesis 11/08/2017
92. Dr. Garima Pandey Dr. Manoj Prasad Genome-wide development of microsatellite markers and comparative analysis of methylome under abiotic stress in foxtail millet [Setaria italica (L) P. Beauv.] 14/08/2017
93. Dr. Pradeep Dahiya Dr. Jitendra K. Thakur Study of Arrangement of subunits of the Head Module of Arabidopsis thaliana Mediator complex 14/08/2017
94. Dr. Bipin Kumar Pandey Dr. Jitender Giri Transcriptome profiling of Phosphate Starvation Response in Rice and Functional Characterization of candidate gene 16/08/2017
95. Dr. Hitaishi Khandal Dr. Debasis Chattopadhyay Regulation of root development by hormone and miRNAs 21/08/2017
96. Dr. Nidhi Dwivedi Dr. Jitendra K. Thakur Functional Study of Mediator Subunits in Rice 28/08/2017
97. Dr. Sharmila Singh Dr. Ananda K. Sarkar SWP1 and SIRTUINS mediated epigenetic regulation of plant meristem activity and development 31/08/2017
98. Dr. Roshan Kumar Dr. Naveen Chandra Bisht Isolation and functional characterization of heterotrimeric Gα subunit and regulator of G-protein signaling (RGS) genes from Brassica species 22/09/2017
99. Dr. Sourobh Maji Dr. Jitendra K. Thakur Protein level interactions to define arrangement of subunits in middle module of Arabidopsis Mediator complex 22/09/2017
100. Dr. Gulab Chand Arya Dr. Naveen Chandra Bisht Isolation and functional characterization of heterotrimeric G-protein beta (Gβ) and gamma (GΥ) subunit genes from Brassica juncea 07/11/2017
101. Dr. Saurabh Gayali Dr. Niranjan Chakraborty The effects of dehydration stress on chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) mitochondria: a functional proteomics approach 22/11/2017
102. Dr. Savithri Purayannur Dr. Praveen Verma Unraveling the signaling and regulatory components of chickpea associated with induced immune response 27/11/2017
103. Dr. Chandra Kant Dr. Sabhyata Bhatia Analysis of root nodule transcriptome in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) 27/11/2017
104. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Dr. Pinky Agarwal Investigations on Regulation and Functions of Anther-Specific Genes from Rice 11/12/2017
105. Dr. Rama Shankar Dr. Mukesh Jain Understanding Transcriptional and Epigenomic Complexity of Abiotic Stress Responses in Rice 27/03/2018
106. Dr. Priyanka Jawa Dr. Subhra Chakraborty Study on Oxalic acid signaling and disease-responsive proteome in crop plants 21/05/2018
107. Dr. Sweta Das Dr. Pinky Agarwal Functional Characterization of Rice Homologues of LEAFY COTYLEDON1 in Seed Development 21/05/2018
108. Dr. Alice Kujur Dr. Swarup K. Parida Identification of functionally relevant novel genes and alleles for seed size/weight in Chickpea 01/06/2018
109. Dr. Pooja Rani Aggarwal Dr. Subhra Chakraborty Study of Host-specific Immune Response and Nuclear Proteome Dynamics during Fusarium Disease 14/06/2018
110. Dr. Vikas Dwivedi Dr. Debasis Chattopadhyay Analysis of root system architecture in Chickpea 18/06/2018
111. Dr. Iny Elizebeth Mathew Dr. Pinky Agarwal Functional analysis of selected NAC transcription factors in the regulation of rice seed storage proteins 20/06/2018